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The right expert makes all the difference

Our History

AFG Inc., was founded in 1981 as Alternatives for Growth by Donna Kolsky and Donna Flannery, who met while pursuing their Masters Degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling at Seton Hall University.  Working with insurance companies and private firms they began helping individuals re-enter the workforce through job placement. In early 1990, the work became more forensic in nature and so they began working with the legal community to demonstrate employability.  By combining their expertise and individualized styles they then offered a comprehensive package of Medical Case Management and Vocational Case Management services.


The company originated as a home based business primarily dedicated to vocational counseling servicing the legal community in the New Jersey area. It earned a reputation for excellence built on firm determination and drive. In 1989, Alternatives for Growth created Life Care Associates, to assess lifetime cost of care for individuals with catastrophic illnesses and injuries.  AFG, Inc., and Life Care Associates became sister companies, however, acted as separate entities for both Plaintiff and Defense counsel.

In the 1990’s Alternatives for Growth rebranded to AFG, Inc. The company continued to service the legal community with exceptional skill and expert testimony.  In 2003 as AFG expanded it relocated to its current location in Fairfield, New Jersey to accommodate their thriving business.

In 2017, Donna Flannery semi-retired.  As a Certified Life Care Planner, Donna was instrumental in establishing Life Care Associates as an award winning company with a leading name in the industry.  Ms. Flannery was called upon to provide expert testimony in several high profile cases.  Throughout her career, Ms. Flannery built a strong and solid team of Certified Life Care Planners to meet the growing needs of the company.  Donna is now fully retired and resides in South Carolina with her husband.

Donna Kolsky, President and Owner of AFG, Inc., and Life Care Associates has earned an excellent reputation for her accurate, comprehensive work. She was one of the first experts to expand her services to include matrimonial cases, assessing individuals in order to determine employability in today’s labor market.  Ms. Kolsky’s reports have been instrumental in the outcome of settlement in numerous divorce and post-divorce cases.  Ms. Kolsky and her exceptional staff and team of experts continue to be a forerunner in the industry.

In 2019 the sister companies were joined, creating AFG, Inc., & Life Care Associates.   With a united team of Vocational and Life Care Planning experts and extraordinary staff, the company is well equipped to handle your Vocational and Life Care Planning needs. AFG, Inc., & Life Care Associates are among the most recognized names in the industry.  Life Care Associates has repeatedly been acknowledged by the New Jersey Law Journal receiving the Gold Award for Best Life Care Planning.  

Together, the companies have handled over 4500 cases.  Our primary scope includes, but is not limited to, NJ, NY, PA and CT. 

Let our experience be your success! 

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