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Vocational Services

When an individual has sustained an injury that prevents them from returning to gainful employment, it becomes necessary to explore options within their residual physical capabilities, educational background and prior work history. The same is true for non-injury cases such as wrongful termination or matrimonial cases where a spouse may be underemployed or has been out of the workforce for a considerable length of time.  A vocational evaluation is the necessary component that can bring a successful resolution to a case.

Our typical vocational assessment is a comprehensive process comprised of multiple components...

Why Use a Vocational Expert?

The expertise and opinion of a Vocational Employability Expert regarding an individual’s ability to work can achieve positive results in the outcome of a case.  Vocational Employability Experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s work history, education, vocational skills, abilities, qualifications and interests to identify potential future employment.  Training options are considered when physical, psychological issues or lengthy employment gaps prevent an individual from returning to their previous employment.  A vocational profile is developed based upon an in depth interview, review of available file data, medical records, vocational testing, transferable skills analysis and labor market research. Conclusions and opinions of employability and determination of future earnings capacity are concisely stated and supported in both plaintiff and defense cases.

We Stand Out From the Rest

Vocational Employability Experts at AFG & Life Care Associates possess Master’s Degrees in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling and are Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) through the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Our Vocational Experts are court qualified and in many cases, because of our reputation, court appointed. Our 35 plus years of experience performing vocational assessments to determine employability and future earnings capacity has encompassed cases in personal injury, worker’s compensation, wrongful termination, family law/divorce for both plaintiff and defense.  Additionally, we have been trained in non-litigated Collaborative Law divorce proceedings and can provide vocational counseling for Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services.


AFG and Life Care Associates is known for its unique Labor Market Survey process that captures vocational data directly from employers with current job openings in today’s general labor market. Employers are contacted directly to confirm details pertaining to available jobs, salary, education, qualifications, job duties, and physical requirements when applicable.

Vocational Interview

Comprehensive File Review

In cases related to personal injuries the following is thoroughly reviewed:
Legal documents, medical records, independent medical exams, tax and employment records.  Once reviewed a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s physical level of functioning and their vocational abilities are considered.

Vocational Interview

AFG vocational experts conduct an in-depth interview with each individual to collect information regarding educational attainment, licensing and certification, occupational history and other background information pertinent to the case. Vocational experts may administer testing to evaluate and understand an individual’s interests, achievements, strengths, and limitations.


Vocational Testing

Testing is an evaluation tool to assess achievement, interests and competencies and is an important variable to determine vocational outcome and identify potential for future job performance.  Interest inventories are useful for assessing particular interests in various occupational areas. Achievement tests help to ascertain the level of skill or knowledge which a person has developed. Various tests are utilized depending on an individual’s background in order to present an accurate vocational assessment.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable skills analysis determines the skills a person has accumulated based on their previous employment or educational training in order to identify suitable occupational titles.  In certain cases an individual may not be able to perform their prior job duties due to physical limitations or due to absence from the workforce.  The transferable skills analysis confirms vocational opportunities that are suitable for their skillset and/or identifies areas for skills enhancement. Traditional vocational rehabilitation resources such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Skill Tran’s Job Browser software, Occupational Outlook Handbook, labor market statistics, salary and wage surveys, and labor market forecasts are utilized to formulate an opinion.

Labor Market Research/ Employer Survey

Labor market research is a strategy used to collect information regarding local labor market conditions to provide data for decision making and recommendations affecting evaluees. Furthermore, our labor market survey process identifies the content of current jobs in the local labor market in terms of tasks or activities involved and the physical job requirements needed.  What makes AFG unique is our direct contact with employers to ascertain this information and go beyond just collecting U.S. Department of Labor statistics.  This information is essential to the Vocational Employability Experts who must understand vocational details regarding occupational employment projections, wage data, industry and occupational statistics and other workforce statistical information that can vary by different labor market areas.

Employability/Earning Capacity Assessments

After synthesizing the information from the interview, testing, file review, transferable skills analysis, prior wage history and labor market research the Vocational Employability Expert formulates an opinion regarding employability and future wage-earning capacity.  This is presented in a comprehensive report and encompasses relative methodology and supporting data.

Vocational Testing
Comprehensive File Review
Transferable Skills Analysis
Labor Market Research
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